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 [PATIENT] Juliet Brewer.

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Juliet Brewer, #W13D
Juliet Brewer, #W13D

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[PATIENT] Juliet Brewer. Empty
PostSubject: [PATIENT] Juliet Brewer.   [PATIENT] Juliet Brewer. I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 27, 2012 4:22 pm

[PATIENT] Juliet Brewer. 44534598

Name: Juliet E. Brewer.
Age: 17.
Gender: Female.
Appearance: Juliet has long locks of beautiful blonde hair, but yet it always seems matted and dirtied with god knows what. Her emerald eyes are now dulled and do not show any signs of life on the outside. The sparkle that once made her eyes glitter was now gone and replaced with nothingness. Standing about 5'4'' and averaging the weight of 120 pounds, she seems fairly average.. but with a twist of madness.
Forms of Insanity: Schizoid Personality Disorder, psychosis, and suicide ideation.
Facts specified in medical certificate, upon which opinion of insanity was founded:
Many things can be seen when observing Miss Juliet: Bouts of idiocy, aggression and the obvious highs and lows of her disorder. She will go without talking for long periods of times, and her eyes always seem fixated on a terrible thing that is projected into her mind though not actually there. She claims it watches her and threatens her, and caresses her body while she sleeps. When asked to describe the man, Juliet will not comply.

Juliet rarely ventures out of her cell and can be found in the corner of the room, back to the door and face to the wall, rocking violently. Sharp objects are prohibited to be around Juliet, for if she enters psychosis, she is deemed a threat to herself and everyone around her. This is where her paranoid aggression sets in and she usually threatens people with their lives in an act of self-defense.

Patient shows distrust to every being around her and will refuse treatment, interaction and so on. Doctors have also caught Juliet in the act of masturbating multiple times.

Personality: Though it is difficult to have a conversation with Juliet, it is possible. When her guard is down, Juliet is shy and quiet, and can even be seen throwing a smile or two around. These traits seem to worsen and become mixed in with paranoia and she often isolates herself from the other inmates during her episodes.

Brief History: Juliet Brewer is an obvious victim of sexual abuse. At the ripe age of twelve, she was forced into child prostitution for the mere fact that she would allow her pauper family a decent income. After years of being forced to lay with men, she had finally decided to take her life. The failed attempt ended her up in the hands of her father, who then sent her into the heart of the asylum.

Other Details:
  • Juliet's attempted suicide was done by trying to anchor her body down with a large rock into the river by her house.
  • After her admission into the asylum, her parents told everyone their child was dead.
  • She once mentioned the man, who she claims is always watching, torturing and taunting her, is a spitting image of her father with a decayed, distorted face. That's all she would say about it.
  • Juliet has a tendency to turn violent on doctors, but she has no plans on leaving the asylum.
  • Juliet had once started a relationship with another female inmate. It was quickly discovered and the girl had been moved to a different ward. After that, Juliet's emotions seemed to be nearly void.
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[PATIENT] Juliet Brewer.
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