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 [PATIENT] Vincent Anamak

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[PATIENT] Vincent Anamak Vinbanner2

Name: Vincent Anamak
Age: 17
Gender: Male [Eunuch]
Appearance: Vincent's hair is a light chocolate brown, loosely wavy, and is cut unevenly between his jaw in the front and his shoulder blades in the back. His eyes are a harsh, pale blue, often bloodshot and rimmed in dark circles from too many sleepless nights. Vincent is underweight by large enough of a margin to be a health hazard, though between his finicky diet and medication he finds it hard to put on weight and keep it there. He might actually look somewhat handsome if he was filled out properly and healthy, but now he just looks like the sort of man mothers warn their daughters about. His complexion seems so pale that he almost looks grey, adding to the illusion that the young man is in the early stages of decomposition and no one's had the heart to tell him. He is 5'10".
Asylum Cell Number: M11E
Forms of Insanity: Child-Onset Schizophrenia (During this time period, all forms of schizophrenia were grouped with dementia, so that's what he'll refer to it as. However, they are two very, very different diseases)
Facts specified in medical certificate, upon which opinion of insanity was founded:
Claims to hear multiple voices, accompanied with visual and tactile hallucinations with an emphasis on delusions of persecution and harm since early childhood. Exhibits an unhealthy fascination with death, as well as an irrational fear of women and dogs. Wild and irrational behavoir, disorganized speech, and irregular sleep cycle. Refuses to eat meat on the belief that it is human flesh. Also expresses sexual attraction towards other men, as well as women.

Patient has exhibited violent behavior on numerous occasions. Handle with caution!
Personality: Vincent is an eccentric, misogynistic jackass, to put things politely. He still has his off days no matter how well they keep him tranquilized, and he's still rather pissy about it. He thinks he is the best at just about everything he does, and he will be quick to make your life a living hell if you try and tell him otherwise. As long as his mind is set on something, second opinions don't matter. He has little to no qualms taking out his anger and frustration on whatever or whoever is available. He's short-tempered in large crowds but uncomfortable in complete solitude. Vincent also seems to be completely incapable of understanding or expressing shame and embarrassment, often to somewhat comical results.
Brief History:
Vincent has grown up in various mental hospitals since early childhood. After the death of her husband, his mother lapsed into hysteria and the young tot was sent to be raised by friends of the family and it didn't take them too long to discover that something wasn't quite right with him, either. His adoptive parents tried their hardest, but after a few grisly ends to family pets and unsightly outbursts in public, they were forced to turn custody over to a private madhouse when the boy was seven.

Since then, Vincent has been in and out of private hospitals and madhouses throughout much of his childhood and adolescence, never staying home more than a couple months before another "incident" happens that leaves his adoptive parents no choice but to sign their dear friend's troubled son off to the professionals. They quickly found that they could no longer pay board at the private institutions, and the private institutions were quite frankly fed up with trying to keep the boy in check. After a brief stint in the infamous Bethlem Royal Hospital, Vin seemed to have been scared straight. He was sterilized and sent home with a clean bill of health.

Unfortunately, they were wrong on both counts. As could be expected of most teenage boys of questionable moral standing would behave upon being told that they could no longer father children, that's exactly the sort of business he set about doing. When the girl came back around with her infant son in tow, Vincent's parents weren't nearly as patient and understanding as they had been through the other sheer hell they'd been subjected to and a bastard child out of some dock side harlot was the final straw. Faced with complete disowning, Vincent snapped. The girl had been plotting against him, after the fortune that had been slowly leeched away paying for his own and his mother's expensive hospital stays. Afraid he had been cheated, he slaughtered her and thankfully didn't get the chance to even attempt to raise the boy on his own. He was swiftly arrested and deemed insane (again), sentenced to live out the rest of his natural life in The Asylum for his crimes. Last he'd heard, his son was now in the care of one of London's orphanages, and his adopted parents had left England to escape association with the cursed family once and for all.

Asylum staff has been assured that he's been rendered sterile properly this time.
Other Details:

  • Vincent absolutely detests women, though occasionally can find some level of camaraderie with others suffering from the same fate.
  • As well as being schizophrenic, he is anemic as a result of his poor diet and is beginning to develop arthritis from living a life in chains. He is also allergic to something they're pumping into him and suffers from bouts of heart and lung trouble.
  • He is an 8/22 on Stone's Scale of Evil.
  • Though Vin is an inherently violent person, he rarely lashes out physically unless armed.
  • Vincent has had a fascination with death as far back as anyone can remember, and provided he's behaved himself, is sometimes found in the hospital morgue assisting Asylum medical staff. They figure it keeps him quiet, busy, and occupied. Better to let him play with dead people than let him get bored with living ones.
  • He is also openly bisexual, though homo-romantic. A fact that annoys the ever loving piss out of the primarily male staff.
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[PATIENT] Vincent Anamak
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