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 The escape

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PostSubject: The escape   Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:18 am

[[SO, I'm making my first post in this forum. I would like to note that PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF THIS RP, ONLY A FEW PEOPLE... I repeat... A few... should be in this roleplay in particular. It would be total lameness, and everyone would definitely get caught quicker if more than 3 people are in this particular roleplay located at the pond. Thankssss for reading<3]]

For long while now, Angelo had it in mind that he was simply going to escape. He had been calculating how fast or slow all the doctors and nurses moved, when they would come to deliver him medicine or food, and determining who was observing the patients closely. Most of the time he would isolate himself from the contact of others here at the asylum. He could tell who befriended who even if the staff couldn't. He had been watching--observing everyone, and recording everything mentally.

He didn't have a photographic memory, but he sure liked to imagine the taste of freedom.

* * *

Angelo stood at the edge of the pond in the darkness. He escaped the walls of the asylum and freedom was just a hop, skip, and a jump away. But he didn't know how to scale a barbed-wire fence. It seemed near impossible without one cutting his or her own wrists or hands and leaving a blood trail for dogs to follow.

He sighed and folded his lanky arms across his chest, hunching his shoulders forward. His skin began to become prickled at the cold breeze that swept by. The clothes he was allowed to wear were thin and short-sleeved, but he couldn't return now. He would be punished. Angelo knew he also had until daylight to make his escape before he was caught.

Imaging that gave Angelo a bit of motivation. He began scanning the area, looking for anything that would aid him in his escape.
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Juliet Brewer, #W13D
Juliet Brewer, #W13D

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PostSubject: Re: The escape   Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:55 am

Juliet’s finger tips reached out to touch the cold metal of the asylum bars… The wind had blown in and the moonlight, ever so cold, dimmed softly onto her flesh as it sent a shiver down her spine. Something had been digging at her the entire night, the distorted face that always seemed to be glued to her brain. It caused many sleepless nights; she often spent her time with her eyes closed and her thoughts drifting into a wonderland of peace.

Though tonight, something seemed fairly different and drove her to explore her surroundings. Her eyes searched the darkness, her senses were sharp and listened to the wind rustle beneath the trees, and the smell of the pond had also wafted its way towards her direction.

Both of her hands had clasped onto the metal as she pulled herself close to the wall, expanding her search of the free world. It wasn’t until seconds later she had noticed a figure… a prisoner, perhaps? Many cellmates have often tried to escape but none prevailed. Still, watching them decide their final decision between imprisonment and life was quite entertaining.

Her eyes fixated on him from the distance of the room and she observed him carefully. The body language that spoke between them, although he knew not she was watching, she was certain he was planning something mischievous.

But who knows? Perhaps this one, this very patient, would find a way to escape. Though looking at the world… who would want to ever go back to their families, the fights, the prostitution and the fucking corruption?

The sight of him sent a chill through her body… and she made her final decision.

Her body was frail but not yet quite below underweight, only thin enough to slide through the cracks of the asylum system. Every move she made was quiet and well thought-out, she spent several minutes in the corners planning which way to go. The moments that passed, she had finally realized she had been walking circles.

She never left her cell during the day, how in the world was she going to roam at night, within the darkness? But finally, carefully, she had found yet another crack, a very major crack that would lead her to the fresh air of freedom.

“They…” She stopped, her voice had gone mute and her eyes clenched shut as she tried to gain the courage to speak again. Juliet, quiet and shy and mad, was not a talker. She often refused to communicate and would sit in her cell quietly, her eyes fixated on the walls.
She inhaled a deep breath, exhaled and tried once more again.

“The doctors say, that anyone who attempts to pass the gates will die a sudden death.” Her eyes were still tightly shut and her voice was so soft that she knew he probably had barely heard her. It was a warning sign they told everybody. She knew not if it was from the ghosts that haunted the pond to avenge their sorrows, or from the doctors themselves. Many patients in the past ten years had gone missing and were never to return to their cells again.

“But… perhaps, it is a luxury for you.” Emerald hues snapped open as she stared finely at his silhouette. The situation seemed unreal to her, and never had she heard so many words be uttered from her lips. Her lips softly inhaled and her breathing stopped for a few seconds as she went on to finish her dialogue.

“And if that is the case, I… I wish to go with you.” Juliet was never so blunt about her melancholia, but now… now everything just seemed so unreal but perfect to her. If the rumors were true she had wished to taste the tongue of death.
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PostSubject: Re: The escape   Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:21 am

But with motivation came regret. He instantly felt as though he had done wrong. He wanted to go back to his cell, inside that filthy asylum, and curl up on his uncomfortable bed with his starchy sheets and bury his face in his flat pillow only to be accompanied by the aroma of death, ammonia, and fear. His forest green eyes filled with worry as he realized what he had truly done. It really hadn't soaked before now.

He could not believe he actually made the escape in the first place. A short, almost inaudible whine escaped his lips and he more frantically began to search for his escape as he remembered what they had said about those who were caught outside the walls of the asylum.

A voice spoke soon after. He had been so tied up in escaping flawlessly that he failed to realize he had drawn the attention of others. His eyes became as wide as the sea when she spoke. He didn't recognize the voice but he had seen her before, when they actually let the patients out of their cells. Angelo clenched his jaw and tightened his fists. Even though her voice was light, the sheer thought of speaking made him think they would come running for them and take them back inside only to deliver them their punishment for leaving.

He sharply turned his head back to observing the ripples on the pond's surface from fish coming up to feed off the insects that landed on the surface. A few lights around the pond illuminated the area but he stood away from them, not wanting to draw attention to himself.

"A quick death is something to enjoy," Angelo said harshly back. He looked away from her, feeling tears from anger filling his eyes. He closed his eyes and hoped the water would disappear. Angelo had spent weeks formulating this plan and she was not going to screw it up. "What are you--" He stopped speaking. He could feel himself losing his temper, and he composed himself. He dropped his head and shut his eyes again.

"Why. Why do you want to escape with me? Don't be stupid, we'll get caught and you'll be dead too. You were better off in your cozy cell with the other female patients who chit chat among their other female hall mates." He growled, keeping his voice low. "Just--forget it. Don't answer. Come on, help me figure out how to jump over the fencing. It's got wires with crazy little barbs."
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PostSubject: Re: The escape   

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The escape
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