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Step right up, mad girls and boys! We are here to welcome you to our haven. Filthy Victorians is a timeless, fantasy roleplay based on Emilie Autumn. Here, you have control of your story, character and such. It's all in your own hands.
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 My absence and a few additions to the forum.

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Juliet Brewer, #W13D
Juliet Brewer, #W13D

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My absence and a few additions to the forum. Empty
PostSubject: My absence and a few additions to the forum.   My absence and a few additions to the forum. I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 08, 2012 11:30 pm

A few things.

1. Sorry for my absence. Short, but I still feel bad because I kind of interrupted a roleplay with my doctor and then magically disappeared. I feel like I might've put it on halt as your characters just sat around and waited. I assure you I'll reply ASAP after writing this. Sorry for being a giant dorkisface and ruining it. Sad I'm such a bad admin! Jeebus. But! I'll definitely be logging in more on a daily basis because everything is done and I'm back to having free time.

2. I have added a few boards. Anymore ideas? Please message me. I would appreciate it if some of you ventured out of the current board and started a different roleplay somewhere else. But I know that keeping up with this kind of stuff is very difficult and it's just easier to stick to one board.. which is okay with me! My mind is just always racing and I'm always wanting to jump from one thing to another.

So yeah, a small explanation about my disappearance and a few additions.

Thank you guys for sticking with me! I love you all. Muah. I'm currently shipping out muffins and cupcakes to your doors, just don't be too mad at me if they arrive covered in mold.

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My absence and a few additions to the forum.
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