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 Character Application: Mollie Cromwell

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Mollie Cromwell

Mollie Cromwell

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PostSubject: Character Application: Mollie Cromwell   Character Application: Mollie Cromwell I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 08, 2012 9:44 pm

Forgive me if I'm doing this wrong, or posting this in the wrong place. I happen to be very inexperienced with this sort of a forum.

Name: Mollie Cromwell

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: (May be written, and/or provided with a picture.) Petite and frail, with sunken eyes that might once have been a pretty shade of periwinkle, but have long since faded into a tired gray. Her skin is a sickly pallor, which is a strong contrast to her dark mahogany curls, which she somehow manages to keep at least somewhat proper, probably because of her habit of running her fingers through her locks when nervous. Her strength is failing at a slow but sure pace, and spends most of her time confined to a wheelchair. Based on her weakness, her posture has become rather poor during the past couple years, slouching tiredly in her chair.

Asylum Cell Number: (example: W13D, M11E, women's and men's wards, respectively.) W42C

Forms of Insanity: Aggression, insomnia, pyromania, delusion and/or multiple personality disorder (unconfirmed)

Facts specified in medical certificate, upon which opinion of insanity was founded: (example: sleeplessness, does not respond to what it said to her/him, claiming to live in a world of her/his own, answers to voices, and so on.) Restlessness in her childhood quickly became insomnia as she began claiming to see ghosts in her bedroom, malicious ones at that [suspected: delusion]. Her parents disregarded this, assuming it only to be a child's overactive imagination. By age 8, she began acting oddly, acting on impulse and swearing possession by demonic spirits who force her to do things against her will [suspected: multiple personality]. At age 9 she developed pyromania and burned her house down.

Personality: (Remember, diagnosis may not always be accurate... or even true. Even if it is, don't forget to give your character his or her own personality!) When first admitted to the Asylum, she had been loud and violent, kicking and screaming for a chance of escape. For a couple years, she fought against the doctors, the medication and her own insanity until finally reaching her breaking point and falling into a sort of calm and dumb stupor. Ever since, she's been oddly compliant and hushed, talking in a soft voice when spoken to, with the ghost of a peaceful smile always playing on her lips. Inmates tend to find her an excellent listener due to her quiet and calm nature, telling her some of their darkest secrets. Due to her seniority, it's rumored that she knows most of the Asylum's secrets, and is very up to date on gossip on the happenings of the building, its inmates and the staff, if you can manage to weasel out some information from her.

Brief History: Her childhood was cut short when, at the tender age of 9, she was 'forced' by 'possessing demons' to burn the bedrooms of her parents and baby brother by setting their bed-sheets on fire. She was found by the neighbor outside, making an oddly strangled noise, somewhere between a giddy laugh and a sob. A week later, and she admitted to the murder of her family and was shortly afterwards sent to the Asylum.

Other Details: (Optional. Any other little tidbits and factoids you would like to tell us to further explain your character.) Mollie is said to be the oldest inmate, having been admitted at the age of 9. She's the 1# test subject for the doctors in terms of medications, as she's so compliant and doesn't fight the administration of the syringe. With so many medications pulsing through her veins, some of them faulty and dangerous, her body and its functions are slowly shutting down, starting with the nerves and muscles. She's expected to drop dead any day now, but has so far surprised everyone by making it through each day.

This can be changed accordingly if need be.
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Juliet Brewer, #W13D
Juliet Brewer, #W13D

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PostSubject: Re: Character Application: Mollie Cromwell   Character Application: Mollie Cromwell I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 08, 2012 11:20 pm

Yep, it's in the right spot. And yep, you are accepted. Wink

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. Welcome, missy.
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Character Application: Mollie Cromwell
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