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Step right up, mad girls and boys! We are here to welcome you to our haven. Filthy Victorians is a timeless, fantasy roleplay based on Emilie Autumn. Here, you have control of your story, character and such. It's all in your own hands.
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 [STAFF] Doctor John Wright

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Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright

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Name: John Isaac Wright.
Age: 42.
Gender: Male.
Occupation: Head doctor of the asylum.
[STAFF] Doctor John Wright Wrightq
The last 40 years has taken quite the toll on Mr. Wright. His face is creased with deep wrinkles, and his veins surge throughout his entire body. Nearing only 43, Doctor Wright takes on the appearance of a 60 year old. Not much can be said about his physical aspect for his body is always covered in some kind of medical cloth. The cold chill in his eyes is enough to drive anyone mad.
Personality: His appearance is enough to make your skin wither and the toughest of men cry, but what about his personality? The patients of the Asylum have deemed the doctor as cold and heartless. Though this somewhat applies to him, he does not wish to intentionally hurt his patients. His only goal is to find the cure for their madness. Sympathy is very rarely shown by Wright, but sometimes you can feel his body tense as his patient emits a bloodcurdling scream. He does what is needed to be done.
Brief History: Little is known about the doctor's life. He has been stationed at the asylum for years and continues to try his best to treat every patient. None of the staff, and definitely not the patients, have ever heard him utter a word about his family, origins or anything about his life. When not conducting treatments and such, he sits quietly in his office. Many have claim that they have seen his eyes dulled with sadness, and often wonder if he belongs with them in here as well.
Other Details:
  • It has been rumored that his own wife is, or was, in the asylum by his own hand. None have backed this statement up or have proof to clarify it. It is also unknown of his marital status.
  • He is often calm and collected, but if you get on the bad side of the doctor, he will react with rage and no mercy.
  • The doctor shows a major distrust in the nurse Julliette, and fears she will start a rebellion in the asylum. He is always watching and observing every action she does thoroughly.
  • Looking carefully at Doctor Wright, you can see a long, jagged scar on the left side of his cheek. It has been said that the scar appeared after an outburst of a patient, who had picked up a rusty scalpel and cut his face deeply with it.
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[STAFF] Doctor John Wright
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