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Step right up, mad girls and boys! We are here to welcome you to our haven. Filthy Victorians is a timeless, fantasy roleplay based on Emilie Autumn. Here, you have control of your story, character and such. It's all in your own hands.
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 Character Application: Inmates.

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Juliet Brewer, #W13D
Juliet Brewer, #W13D

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Character Application: Inmates. Empty
PostSubject: Character Application: Inmates.   Character Application: Inmates. I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2012 3:52 pm

A few notes: An image will not be required. But if you wish to show an image of your character, whether it's premade or handmade, go on ahead! Also, please try to be informative about your character and their actions. The asylum is not only based on being thrown away for mental illness, but also on friendships and enemies. Cheers.

Appearance: (May be written, and/or provided with a picture.)
Asylum Cell Number: (example: W13D, M11E, women's and men's wards, respectively.)
Forms of Insanity:
Facts specified in medical certificate, upon which opinion of insanity was founded: (example: sleeplessness, does not respond to what it said to her/him, claiming to live in a world of her/his own, answers to voices, and so on.)
Personality: (Remember, diagnosis may not always be accurate... or even true. Even if it is, don't forget to give your character his or her own personality!)
Brief History:
Other Details: (Optional. Any other little tidbits and factoids you would like to tell us to further explain your character.)

[b]Asylum Cell Number:[/b]
[b]Forms of Insanity:[/b]
[b]Facts specified in medical certificate, upon which opinion of insanity was founded:[/b]

[b]Brief History:[/b]
[b]Other Details:[/b]
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Character Application: Inmates.
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