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 [PATIENT] Aislinn J. Deus

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Aislinn Deus

Aislinn Deus

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PostSubject: [PATIENT] Aislinn J. Deus   [PATIENT] Aislinn J. Deus I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 29, 2012 3:16 pm

Name: Aislinn Juliet Deus

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: [PATIENT] Aislinn J. Deus Dollma10
[I intend to draw her myself in the near future]

Asylum Cell Number: W17F

Forms of Insanity: Bibliomania, Homosexuality [Clarification: I do not consider homosexuality to be an illness, Aislinn parents do so.]

Facts specified in medical certificate, upon which opinion of insanity was founded:
- Accumulation of books on her bedroom, to the point where it was barely possible to walk in the room without stepping on them.
- Stealing books from stores, despite being able to buy them.
- The internee's parents claim that she started eating the books' pages after they threatened her to take them away if she did not stop 'collecting'.
- Killed two of her pet rabbits for biting some of the books.
- Has a large number of books which picture women in different states of nakedness, and half of them include erotic stories. All of these were stolen from an unknown store. The family suspects one of Aislinn's sisters to have introduced her to such unholy books, but the girl has refused to tell them who.
- The decisive fact that implied her imprisonment was her shameful statement that she fancied girls on the middle of dinner.

Personality: Aislinn was always taught to be a kind, elegant woman, and that is how she grew up to be. However, she never talked much and on social occasions she would prefer to stay quiet in a balcony, reading a book she would have previously hid on her gown than dancing. Her eyes always had a hint on innocence, despite her continuous reading on different matters (including stories about rape, prostitution, murder, torture and so on) took almost every shred of innocence she could have.

Brief History: Aislinn was born on a wealthy family whose members, even women, have been connected to medicine and chemistry during generations. Being the younger of eight child, she was used to being spoiled by the second youngest of the family, her sister Sophie.
She had a rather happy childhood, spent on reading books, playing instruments and studying the various subjects somebody on her family should manage. On her ninth birthday, Aislinn came across 'The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha', which marked the start of her bibliomania.
Her insanity was neglected as a 'healthy interest' by her parents during most of the time, until the illness started mixing with her latent homosexuality, which Mr. and Mrs. Deus could not allow, and this marked the start of her life on a mental asylum.

Other Details:
- She would gladly comply with any blabbering of her fellow inmates, adding her own fantasies to the insanities of the other.
- She is not able to have books near her, but has managed to snatch a book about mental disorders from a staff member, to which she has added her own thoughts about medicine in tiny calligraphy.
- She is curious and will not doubt on asking questions to the doctors about almost any matter.
- She tries her best to look normal, and it can be rather unsettling to find her acting properly in such a place as an asylum.
- There is more to her and the Deus family than meets the eye, but it wouldn't be as fun if that was disclosed now, right?

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Juliet Brewer, #W13D
Juliet Brewer, #W13D

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PostSubject: Re: [PATIENT] Aislinn J. Deus   [PATIENT] Aislinn J. Deus I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 29, 2012 3:24 pm

This was super refreshing to read and the story is rather interesting. Who knew an obsession with books could drive a woman mad? Accepted! Welcome to the Asylum. You may begin posting, we will be right behind you.
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[PATIENT] Aislinn J. Deus
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