Filthy Victorians - The Asylum - RPG.

Step right up, mad girls and boys! We are here to welcome you to our haven. Filthy Victorians is a timeless, fantasy roleplay based on Emilie Autumn. Here, you have control of your story, character and such. It's all in your own hands.
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 Hear ye, hear ye! All gather around for the awesome set of rules... and an introduction of us, too!

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Juliet Brewer, #W13D
Juliet Brewer, #W13D

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Hear ye, hear ye! All gather around for the awesome set of rules... and an introduction of us, too! Empty
PostSubject: Hear ye, hear ye! All gather around for the awesome set of rules... and an introduction of us, too!   Hear ye, hear ye! All gather around for the awesome set of rules... and an introduction of us, too! I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 24, 2012 6:23 pm

If you've managed to stumble across this, good! Let's get started.


I've been long fascinated by asylums, even before I managed to come across EA. I always found myself studying them and wondering what it would be like to actually be thrown into one and completely helpless. A little bitter and scary, no?

So, then I thought... Why not start an Asylum roleplay for all you muffins and PRs out there? It will be mostly good than bad. It's a fantasy-set roleplay. There is no specific plot, just you and your fellow inmates. You guys have the story in your own hands. You can respond to whoever, and make whatever happen.

Sounds kinda cool, yeah? I thought so. An open roleplay with little rules, one of them being to use your imagination!

Now, that I have finished explaining to you a little insight.. Let's get on to the more important parts.


  • Please do NOT post until we accept your character application! This should only take a little bit. I'm on the computer more than I should be. IF you don't get accepted, you may message me and ask questions as to why you didn't make the cut. The chances of getting rejected are slim, unless you're an obvious troll.
  • Regards to posting to different boards: This is going to get a bit confusing but please try to keep up with me. Considering we have a small amount of members, I am allowing you guys to be in different places at one time. I would rather you guys only post in ONE thread on a board. Example: Let's say you go into The Pond and find a roleplay you're interested in, I would much like to see you in that only thread throughout the pond.
    Why do I do this? It's kind of a matter of organization. But at the same time, I don't wish to glue the few members I have to a bunch of slow or dying roleplays. If a roleplay does happen to die out or becomes inactive, you are free to enter another thread in that board. I will be keeping my eye out on inactive roleplay threads and locking them down.
  • No god-modding or controlling other characters. This part is crucial in roleplay. You have control over what YOU do, but not of others fates.
  • I am very strict on canon characters. This means that the positions for real characters from EA's book are limited, if I accept any at all! We can't have one thousand little Emily's running around. I would prefer if you stuck to an original characters. But, little PRs, I might consider it if you swoon me enough. Wink
    On another note, this is just based off of her book but not the exact same story line. It's a roleplay for all the muffins and plague rats to come together. I do not wish to copy cat off of her book though.
  • No insulting or flaming or other members. Let's try to keep the respect in the Asylum strong and sturdy.
  • O.O.C talk is not allowed in the roleplay sub-forum. If you are confused, or have a question, go ahead! Just please don't carry on conversations in the middle of a roleplay. That's what messaging people is for.
  • Advertisements for other sites are allowed, just make sure they get to the right place.
  • Yes, rape, sexual assault, and violent abuse happened. No, not everyone is comfortable reading it in graphic detail. Please keep discussion of sensitive topics mature, sensible, and respect the opinions and discomfort of whoever you may be playing with. When in doubt, private messages are your friend.
  • Please close your roleplay after it has passed one page. This is my preference but IF you wish to have an open roleplay at all time, no matter how many pages the thread is, that is fine. I just would prefer if most roleplays were closed off from characters after the first/second page to higher the organization and lower the confusion. Thanks.

See, those were pretty simple, right? I'll only pick up the banhammer if you're being a jerk to other people on this board. It's not really needed. We're almost like a family! Let's go bake a cake now with rainbows and unicorns and...
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Hear ye, hear ye! All gather around for the awesome set of rules... and an introduction of us, too!
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